Beginner Paddleboard Lesson

Never Paddleboarded Before?

No problem! Our beginner “SUP” (Stand-Up Paddleboard) lesson is great for those who have never been on a Stand-Up Paddleboard before.

Stand up paddleboarding is an amazing sport – easy enough to enjoy your first time out, and endless fun and adventure for a lifetime. You can paddleboard on any type of water- lakes, rivers, or ocean. There are many different types of paddleboards for different environments. This lesson is a great introduction to the sport.



Like most things, there is a wrong way and a right way to paddleboard. We eliminate all the guesswork and share our expertise with each of our customers. It is easy to develop bad habits without proper instruction which can result in safety risks and can lead to physical issues down the road. Our knowledgeable instructors will have you out on the water, paddling with proper form, and maneuvering all in one lesson. Our boards are stable and fun and “SUPing” is easier than you think!

So what are you waiting for? Here’s a hands-on introduction to the fun of stand up paddleboarding. All your equipment is included in the price!

This lesson is all about getting you familiar and comfortable with the sport of paddleboarding in one of the most scenic places in the world. We will teach you all the basics to get started paddleboarding: safety, proper board handling, launching, stance, balance, basic strokes, and turning so you will be a confident paddler. Our instructors all professionally trained by the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association.


You will have fun, and see some amazing scenery at the same time! We do our lessons at Antelope Point.


  • 3 Hour Beginner Paddleboard Lesson: – $95 per person, $75 per child under 13. Minimum age: 10 years old.

Our boards are wide and stable to making learning fun and easy! Our guides have taught people from age 10 to age 78! 


We will teach you:

All about “SUP” (Stand-up Paddleboarding) terms and equipment
Safety on the water and the board
Proper paddling techniques
How do deal with boat wakes and wind
Stopping and turning the board
How to fall safely


We teach beginners how to paddle safely and all safety gear is provided. We will have you up and paddling in no time in one of the world’s most beautiful places!



How it works:

We will meet you at the shop at 8:15 am where you will fill out your paperwork and we will give you a map and all the information for your adventure. You will then drive yourself from the shop to the lake. The drive is approximately 11 miles (17.7 km), where you will enter the park and meet your guide. PLEASE NOTE: $30.00 National Park entry fee not included. This is per car, not per person, and is good for 7 days.* Transportation to the lake is not provided due to Park Service regulations. Reservations required.

Depending on the group’s abilities we may paddle into the canyon, as time allows, then turn back and may still have time for swimming and checking out the area. There will be plenty of time for taking photos and enjoying the environment.

Swimming in the lake in the warmer months is amazing!


Bring your swimsuit. Nothing to fear in the water- nothing that bites or stings! Our water is very clear and warm in the summer.


This is a great place to learn!



All times on our site and confirmations are in ARIZONA TIME (Summer time: Same time as Pacific Time; Winter time Same time as Mountain Time. – No Daylight Saving Time – Not Utah Time – Not Navajo Nation Time). Because the Utah State Line is less than 7 miles away, cell phone towers from Utah (and the surrounding Navajo Nation) often will be the wrong time! Do yourself a favor and do like the locals do: Manually set your cell phone to PHOENIX, AZ time.


PLEASE NOTE: $30.00 National Park entry fee not included. This is per car not per person, and is good for 7 days.**