Bike Rentals



Are you in Page with a hankering to ride the beautiful sandstone mesa Rim Trail that rings our little island in the desert? Well, rest easy my friends you have come to the right place.

We rent Framed brand Minnesota SRAM 1  17″ and SRAM 2  15″bikes as well as 29r style bikes with suspensions. Rates are $35.00 per day.



All rentals come with helmets, air pumps and “Slimed” tires to ward off the pesky “goatheads” otherwise known as stickers from Hell.



All the tires have at least a pint of “Slime” in each to prevent flat tires.
Any of our bikes are fine rides to tour town or to tackle the Rim Trail that follows along the edge of the Mesa that the town of Page sits on top of. While most of it is pretty tame there are a couple of sections that will challenge most riders with rocks and exposure to the cliff edges. It is approximately an 11-mile ride that can be done in usually 3 hours. Depending of course if you stop to take 1 or 200 pictures. There are some very beautiful scenes along this ride.



PLEASE READ:   Due to accessibility, we do not offer a rescue service for breakdowns that could happen on the trail but will pick you up at a roadside location. You are responsible for getting the bike to the pickup location,  and you are responsible for any breakage of the bike or equipment. You will take a familiarization ride on your bike as part of our rental to make sure everything is working properly.
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