Where do your Lake Powell tours go? All our tours paddle into the recreation section of Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell!

Is a reservation required? Same day reservations can be sparse so be sure to book ahead to make sure you can get a spot and that you and your guide are prepared for this adventure. Easiest way to make a reservation is here on our website!

Are you still operating tours with the low water levels? Yes! Our tours into Antelope Canyon are operating as normal. Just be sure to wear sturdy footwear as there is now a steep, sandy hill we have to walk down to get to the water. 

How do the tours work?  All participants must check in at the shop 45 minutes prior to your start time (for example, If your tour starts at 1 pm please be at our shop at 12:15 pm). Here you will fill out your paperwork and we will give you a map to show you where to meet your guide for the tour. You will then drive yourself from the shop to the Antelope Point Boat Launch. The drive is approximately 11 miles (17.7 km), where you will enter the park and meet your guide.

How long is the tour? Our Paddle & Hike Tour is 4.5 hours long. Approximately 5 miles of paddling and 1 mile or so of hiking. Our Paddle Tour. No Hike. Is essentially the same just without the hike, it is about 2.5 hours long. Both tours are an out and back. So you finish were you started at the boat ramp.

Is this the Upper or Lower Section of Antelope Canyon? Neither. It is the recreation section within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Which is only accessible via water.

Is the hike difficult? It is rated at Easy. It is more of a sandy walk. No elevation gain, you might have to walk over some rocks. 

Can I choose a kayak or a paddleboard on a tour? All even numbered groups will be in a double kayak. If there is an odd number or if you are a solo person you will be in a single kayak. If you want to paddleboard all tours REQUIRE prior experience paddle boarding. No experience is necessary if kayaking but will require a decent level of fitness. All afternoon tours are kayaks only due to possible wind.

What About Tipping? While we feel that gratuity is a very personal decision and should reflect the level of service you receive, we are often asked to provide guidelines. Your tour guide is extremely hardworking and committed to providing you the best service possible. A gratuity of 15-20% the rate of your trip is customary and deeply appreciated by our guides. While cash is best, if you forgot cash be sure to ask your guide or our shop staff how you can tip!

Can I bring my dog? Dogs are NOT permitted on tours, but are welcome if you choose rentals. They are welcome in our store but please make sure they are on a leash. There is heavy traffic on our street and in our store. We do have other dogs on the property. 

Are Dry Bags included? They are included on tours! We also have some for purchase in our store if you want to take one home.

Are lifejackets included? Yes lifejackets are included and required to wear while on the water.

How many people are in a group? One guide can have up to 11 people. We also offer private tours

How much water should I bring? We recommend 1 gallon per person. Electrolytes are a good idea as well. 

What time is it in Page? There are two time zones in our area! It is very confusing and your phone will constantly switch times on you. Do like the locals do and set your phone to Phoenix time and to not automatically update. Click Here For Current Time 

Is there an age limit? The minimum age for tours is 6 years old. Children ages 6 to 12 must ride along with an adult in a double kayak due to the length of the tour. No children under 6 years old are permitted on tours.

Visit our Lake Powell kayak tours page for more information. Visit our paddleboarding Antelope Canyon page for paddlebaording tour information. We look forward to seeing you on the water!