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Lake Powell Weather Appropriate Clothing – For Every Season

We get soooooo many questions on how to dress your best for a day of paddling on Lake Powell! Whether you choose to spend your day kayaking Antelope Canyon, Wahweap, Horseshoe Bend or another location in the Lake Powell area, here is your guide to what to wear and why any time of year!

“Is March too cold to kayak?”

NO! And here is how to be most comfortable!

  1. ABC: Anything But Cotton, as a general rule throughout the year we recommend moisture wicking or athletic wear especially as base layers. Cotton holds on the moisture for longer and is going to make warming up much more difficult.
  2. Layers on & Layers in the Bag: The Lake Powell sun is still very intense in early spring so a mid weight fleece layer or jacket is best to wear for paddling. A heavier weight jacket packed in your dry bag is always a safe bet, as hiking in the shade can get a little chilly.
  3. Proper Footwear: Your feet are going to get wet! So your footwear options are pretty open, most of us opt for a pair of sturdy hiking sandals all year, and pack a dry pair of socks in our dry bag to change into while hiking. Other options include barefoot in the kayak, dry shoes packed in the dry bag, or a waterproof hiking boot all day.
  4. Splash Gear: Your guide will also supply splash gear to help keep you dry, similar to rain pants and a rain jacket. These layers also help insulate your body as your movement keeps you warm!
  5. A Beanie and Gloves: Some bonus points for something to keep your ears & fingers warm.


Two people pose in warm clothes during a lake Powell hike

April is spring time, Right?

April is not too different from March most of the time, so on cold days it is best to refer to the same dress code as March.

  1. Layers and Sunscreen: With the possibility of warm weather, sometimes folks like to show some more skin, we say go for it, BUT you can get just as sunburnt in April as you can in July, so if you plan on shedding enough layers, don’t forget your sunscreen.
  2. Windbreaker: Spring in the desert is notoriously windy, so we love a packable windbreaker as an additional layer!

May welcomes you to desert heat!

Feel free to leave those extra layers packed in the car, this time of year, if you are warm enough before the trip starts you will only get warmer!

  1. Swim Suit: Here comes the sun! Swimsuits under your clothes is a great idea this time of year. The braver folks can’t help but take a dip in Lake Powell, the sun and dry heat will have you dry in no time.
  2. Sun Protection: Shorts and tank top season is in full swing so sunscreen usage is at an all time high. To avoid reapplying all day our guides often opt for long sleeve sun shirts with UPF in the fabric.

Okay but June must be the hottest it gets right!?!

Desert summer approaches full swing now, we start to pivot from how to keep warm to how to keep cool!

  1. Sun Protection: Sun protection is going to be the most important element to this. Baseball caps, wide brim sun hats, bucket hats, or visors are a great place to start.
  2. Sunscreen: Sunscreen, sunscreen, oh and more sunscreen please. You will thank us later.
  3. Sun Shirt: Again, those long sleeve sun shirts are a great tool this time of year, not only do they keep you protected from the sun but if you get them all wet and put them back on as the water evaporates you have your own personal AC unit you can wear.
  4. Water Shoes: With the heat you’re going to want to stick with a sturdy sandal or a water shoe for foot wear, let the water do its job and keep those piggies cool.


four women pose for a photo in the summer heat in Page, Arizona

July and August, yes planet earth does get this hot.

The good news is you have picked the right activity to cool off!

  1. Swim Wear: Wear your swimsuits, swim stops are a must for this time of year.
  2. Sun Protection: Don’t forget your preferred methods of sun protection! Ie: sunscreen, long sleeve sun shirts with UPF in the fabric, hats.
  3. Rain Jacket: Monsoon season has kicked in, so a rain jacket packed in your dry bag isn’t a bad idea!

September doesn’t feel like this where I’m from.

Think your typical summer dress code.

  1. Summer Dress Code: Come suited in your typical summer wear except some mornings the air is colder than the water, trust the process you’ll be swimming by noon.

October and November, unpredictability makes a true adventure.

The swimming season is nearly over so plan on staying dry for the most part.

  1. Layers: Some days feel like summer’s grip is still in full swing. So it’s best to check the forecast and dress in layers so you can be just as flexible as the temperature.
  2. Proper Footwear: March’s dry sock or shoe policy is best.


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