Lake Powell Tours


Lake Powell is a paddler’s dream. With the majestic canyon walls and incredible slot canyons, it is unlike anywhere else on earth. Our Lake Powell tours will take you to one of the world’s most amazing places to kayak here at Lake Powell- Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is world-renowned for its incredible slot canyon, but few have seen it from the water. On our tours of Lake Powell, we paddle from the Antelope Point Public Boat Ramp into the canyon where you will be floating in a deep canyon with beautiful red cliffs surrounding you. We will wind our way through the canyon then turn back and you get to see it from a whole new angle on the return. Each Lake Powell tour times offer different lighting and all are amazing! We offer both Antelope Canyon kayak tours as well as Antelope Canyon paddleboard tours. Our experienced guides prioritize safety and provide fascinating insights into the geological wonders that have shaped this extraordinary landscape. Whether you choose a kayak or paddleboard tour, the experience promises to be unforgettable, offering you a rare perspective of Antelope Canyon’s natural beauty.


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