Paddleboard Rentals


Embark on a fun-filled journey across Lake Powell with our exciting selection of kayaks and paddleboards, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water. Starting from the Wahweap Boat Ramp or Antelope Canyon there are so many sights to see. Our rentals are a great way to explore the hidden treasures of Lake Powell or just paddle to a beach and enjoy swimming in the beautiful blue waters.

Rentals include Free Delivery & Pickup to Wahweap Boat Launch or Antelope Point Public Boat Launch.

Launching from the Wahweap Boat Launch you can paddle to the alluring sandy beaches around the iconic Lone Rock. If you make your way across the lake look out for the unique rock formations we call Castle Rock and then a short paddle down you can beach your gear and hike up to the Wahweap Window! Looking for a canyon to paddle through? There’s two in this area! Ice Cream Canyon and another one that has emerged with the low water levels.

Launching from the Antelope Point Public Boat Launch you can explore the world renown Antelope Canyon. Due to length of the trip, possible weather and wavy conditions rentals at Antelope Canyon are recommended for people with paddleboarding experience. If you lack sufficient experience please consider joining a guided kayaking tour with us.



  • All Rentals Include: Paddleboard, Quality Paddle, Life Jacket (PFD), Maps and Free Delivery & pick up at the Wahweap Boat Launch or the Antelope Point Public Boat Launch. You can add on a dry bag rental for $10 (first come first serve if you do not add to your reservation).
  • What You Should Bring: Food, Water, Appropriate Seasonal Attire, Sun Screen, Sturdy sandal or running shoes, Camera or Phone with Dry Storage (you will get wet!), National Park Pass or you will be responsible for $30 fee(can be purchased at entrance station).
  • Does Not Include: $30.00 National Park entry fee not included.
  • When You Are Done: You will return all your gear to our staff member at the boat launch where you received the gear. Return time is anytime by 5pm during the shoulder seasons or 6pm in the summer. Late returns will be charged an automatic late fee.

**If you are wanting to launch and retrieve from a location other than the Wahweap Boat Launch or Antelope Point Public Boat Launch you will have to pick up the gear from our store location (836 Vista Ave.) Due to insurance reasons we cannot help you load or unload your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle has four doors and a solid roof if you plan to load the gear on top of your vehicle. 

Please call or email us at if you plan to pick up your gear from our store so we can update your reservation. 

Paddleboard Rentals

Explore the beautiful scenery of Lake Powell at your own pace with one of our Lake Powell paddleboard rentals.


Wahweap Bay Paddleboard Rentals

Enjoy the many beaches & calmer waters of Wahweap Bay on your own. This area is perfect for beginner kayakers looking to have a full day or a few hours of exploring. An easy half mile paddle across the lake will get you to numerous hikes & canyons to paddle through.

Antelope Canyon Paddleboard Rentals

Explore the world-renowned Antelope Canyon at your own pace. This area is recommended for experienced paddlers. The round trip paddle to Antelope Canyon & back is approximately 5 miles round trip, with the option to hike through the recreation section.

More Info

Situated near Page, Arizona, on Navajo land, Antelope Canyon is a mesmerizing natural slot canyon and a celebrated landmark in the American Southwest.

Famous for its extraordinary twisting corridors and striking formations such as fins, stalactites, and various speleothems, Antelope Canyon spans around 30 miles and is divided into four key sections. These sections include the well-known Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons and the less frequented Canyon X and Secret Antelope Canyon.

Formed over thousands of years by the forces of seasonal floods and wind, the canyon’s slender pathways stretch several hundred feet from its entrance. Renowned globally as one of the most spectacular slot canyons, Antelope Canyon is revered for its breathtaking beauty and distinctive geological structures.

Wahweap is a Paiute word meaning “bitter water” and is the first bay of Lake Powell straddling the border of Arizona and Utah. The alluring waters of Lake Powell nestled in this pristine bay stretch against a backdrop of towering red rock formations, including Castle Rock, Lone Rock and the Wahweap Window. This area is a popular spot for boating, fishing, swimming and camping with easy access to Lone Rock Canyon, Wiregrass Canyon and Ice Cream Canyon.


All rentals except inflatable paddleboards include free delivery and pickup to either Antelope Point Public boat launch or to Wahweap Boat Launch.
Food, water, and sun protection! Things do get wet and the lake is very deep, so don’t drop anything! It is best to have everything contained in a dry bag. We recommend wearing your sunglasses with a tether (especially those with prescriptions). We do sell sunscreen, dry bags, floating phone cases, sunglass tethers and other things you may need for a day on the lake.
The National Park Service regulations require all operators 13 years of age or older to have a Type III adult USCG-approved life jacket (also known as Personal Flotation Device or PFD) either attached to the vessel or worn at all times. All children under 13 years old are required to wear a USCG-approved life jacket at all times while on the water! Life jackets are included with the rentals and tours. Paddleboard leashes are required to be worn at all times and are included.
We have boards and kayaks that can accommodate up to a 250 lb individual. We reserve the right to cancel any rental or tour if we feel the safety of you or another person is at risk. As long as you can physically get yourself back onto the vessel you are good to go! Keep in mind the lake is very deep and sometimes you do not have the assistance of being on shore to get back onto your vessel. A larger person may be more comfortable using a double kayak which will offer more floatation and stability so please let us know if you would like that option. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Just keep in mind that falling in the water is possible, so just be prepared in case you do. Our instructors can show you how easy it is to get back “on-board”. There are no lifeguards here so be smart and plan accordingly. Remember, paddling out is voluntary-paddling back is mandatory so know your limits.
All participants must come to our store to check-in and complete waivers. While checking in we will go over a map and give you directions to get to the boat launch where you have chosen to have your gear delivered. Before leaving our shop your group will grab lifejackets and then drive yourselves out to the boat ramp to meet your gear.
Check the weather. You will get wet! Quick dry workout out type clothing is best. No cotton! Dress in layers! We do have a rocky environment and you will want to protect your feet with sturdy footwear. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. We do rent wetsuits and splash gear in the colder months.