Shipping Container Construction of Shop

Situated on the west side of Page AZ, Lake Powell Paddleboards container structure spans approximately 960 square feet. We built our shop out of recycled shipping containers.

We personally drove to Long Beach CA and towed the containers one at a time the 550 miles to Page, AZ. We picked up the pallet wood in Phoenix and the barn wood in Denver, CO.

Completely constructed of three 40 foot shipping containers. Each cube is a steel-framed structure that measures 320 square feet and has been cut and welded into a one-of-a-kind retail space so they will never end up in a landfill.20150712_174512

20150807_161800  Everything is hand painted.

The interior of the shop is lined with recycled pallet wood and the outside is recycled barn wood from Colorado.



Building out the front of the shop.


The Arizona State flag is built into one of the walls.


We did 90% of the work ourselves, along with our tribe of friends who helped!

It took us 14 months to complete the structure. It is now one of the landmarks of Page.


Here is a video of the project so you can see how we did it!

“Shipping container architecture
is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers (shipping containers) as a structural element. It is also referred to as cargotecture, a portmanteau of cargo with architecture.”- Wikipedia