Frequently Asked Questions



Lake Powell has seen a significant drop in water level this season due to low snowfall in the western Rockies last winter and other factors.

Don’t worry!  Lake Powell is still open for paddling!

Our rentals and tours are still going on daily! We are working on water access solutions to keep our customers paddling and enjoying Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 928-645-4017 for the latest information.

We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

What this means:

For any existing rentals and tours: expect tougher launching conditions the rest of this season, with a longer walk to and from the water and longer launching times. If you are not comfortable with this please contact us at least 24 hours ahead to cancel and get a full refund.

  • Are you guys currently open? Yes, we are! Daily Spring Hours (March and April) 8 am to 6 pm
    Summer (May through September) 7 am to 7 pm, October: 8 am to 6 pm, November: 9 am to 5 pm
    CLOSED: December, January, and February
    Hours subject to change. NOTE: We are closed on various dates throughout the year for special events! Please call or email ahead to make sure we will be open!
  • Can I make a reservation? We do sell out frequently during the summer so it’s a good idea to reserve ahead.  Click here to reserve. You can reserve paddleboards, kayaks, or packrafts ahead (recommended) or just come in the shop to rent. Walk-in rentals are based on availability. Rentals include delivery of paddles and watercraft to the Antelope Point Boat Ramp except for inflatable gear- that must be picked up and returned to the shop.
  • What do you have for rent? Paddleboards, single and double kayaks and packrafts – We DO NOT rent Jet Skis, boats, or anything with a motor.
  • How do the rentals work? 
    1. You come to the shop at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled delivery time. Check in and get your maps. You will then fill out your waiver unless you have already done online. You can do that here- WAIVER.
    2. You will be given your life jackets (PFD’s) at the shop and you will take them with you to the lake. These must be returned back to the shop after you are done paddling. Due to COVID-19 we cannot transport these for you.
    3. Check-in with the scheduler outside and you are good to go! You drive to the lake and meet your delivery driver at the bottom of the boat ramp at your scheduled delivery time. Take your kayak or paddleboard down to the water and paddle!

    After Paddling:

    When you are finished paddling you just meet the pickup driver at the same place you started- at the bottom of the ramp. Pick-up times will be at various times throughout the day. Return your life jackets back to the shop after you are done. Easy and safe for everyone!

    You must pay $30 to enter the National Park there. It’s about a 15-minute drive to the lake. We can not transport people – only gear, due to Park Service regulations. We do not deliver to Lee’s Ferry but you can rent and take it yourself. A late fee of $50 per piece of gear will be charged if you are not back before we close. Please return on time.

  • How long does it take to paddle and hike Antelope Canyon? You should plan on between 4- 6 hours.
  • Will you give me a map of where to go paddle?  Yes! We will give you driving directions and a map of where you can go paddle. We send you to the Antelope Point Public Boat Ramp where you can launch and paddle into Antelope Canyon. You can also go to Lone Rock Beach if you prefer (delivery to Lone Rock available for an additional fee). Either way, we will give you directions and all the info when you check in at the shop!
  • Do I need to reserve ahead?  It is a very good idea because in the summer months we do sell out daily! You can reserve on the BOOK NOW page on this website.
  • Do you deliver to Lee’s Ferry? We do not deliver to Lee’s Ferry. Complimentary car racks are available for you to transport your gear to the river.
  • What time do the rentals need to be returned?  Meet us for the last pick-up at the Antelope Point Public Boat Ramp. All returns must be returned to us at the boat ramp prior to closing time. All inflatables or self-delivered gear must be returned prior to closing time. Our hours change during the year so verify before you leave what time we close.
  • Are you practicing Government COVID-19 Safety Procedures?  In the State of Arizona masks are not required. We have hand sanitizer available all over the store. Rentals and tours include delivery of gear to the Antelope Point Public Boat Ramp- we cannot transport people so you must drive yourself to the lake. We are following the Arizona Governor’s Executive Orders and the City of Page regulations in the continued effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Do life jackets come with the rentals?  Yes, they are included with your rental and tours. You must have a life jacket with you at all times and anyone under 13 must wear it the entire time while paddling-by law. We have adult, child sizes and even have some for dogs! Leashes are also included with paddleboards and must be worn. We also sell the “waist pack” inflatable life jackets here. Please read our safety tips here.


  • Do you rent kayaks too?  Yes, we do! We have single and 2-person tandem kayaks for rent. See the kayak rentals page on this website.
  • Can I bring my dog?  Yes! You can take your dog on the paddleboard or kayak. Let us know ahead so we can make sure to give you a board or kayak that can accommodate your pup. We have some life jackets for dogs but it’s a good idea to bring your own for an exact fit. Dogs not allowed on tours.



  • Was that you guys in that WordPress.com commercial?  Yes, it was! We were fortunate enough to be chosen for their ad campaign! WordPress.com is awesome.
  • Is paddleboarding hard to learn?  Not at all! Our professional instructors will have you up and paddling in no time. Our rental boards are very stable and wide and it doesn’t take long to get your balance and you’ll soon be walking on water! We will give you a lesson here at the shop before you go. Here are some how-to videos to help you too.
  • Where are you located?  We are in downtown Page, AZ. Lake Powell is inside the National Park so you must drive into the Park. The lake is about a 15-minute drive away. Our address is: 836 Vista Ave, Page AZ 86040.
  • What happens if I fall off my paddleboard?  Just keep in mind that falling in the water is possible when paddleboarding so just be prepared in case you do. Our paddleboard instructors will show you how easy it is to get back “on-board”. Our water temperature in the summer is about 80 degrees (F) and feels great, plus no sharks, alligators, snakes, or other biting things in the water either! Please read our safety tips here.
  • Is there a weight limit for paddleboarding or kayaking?  We have boards and kayaks that can accommodate up to a 230 lb individual. We reserve the right to cancel any rental or tour if we feel safety to you or another person is at risk. As long as you can physically get yourself back on the board or kayak on your own you are good to go!
  • Is there an age limit?  The minimum age for tours is 6 years old. No age limit for rentals, however, paddling may not be suitable for kids under 10 due to the time and distance. Experienced adults can paddle tandem with small kids seated on our bigger boards or on double kayaks. All children under 13 must wear a life jacket at all times.
  • What should I wear? We paddle barefoot but it is recommended that you bring water shoes or flip-flops to wear on the shore because we do have a rocky environment and you will want to protect your feet. In the hot summer months, a bathing suit with a lightweight shirt to protect you from the sun is perfect and for cooler temperatures yoga gear or shorts and a t-shirt are great. A hat and sunscreen for sure! Just remember you may get wet. In winter, a wetsuit and booties should be worn. We do rent wetsuits, but not booties because no one whats to share those! We do sell booties though.
  • Is there a current in the water?  No, you will be on a flat lake. Wind and boat wakes will be the only issues with the water so you want to check the weather before paddling. The lake is formed by the Colorado River. Just watch for mussels on the rocks underwater- they are sharp. Please read our safety tips here.
  • Are there going to be boats where I paddle?  You will encounter boats and other watercraft on the lake that can create boat wakes. Our crew can teach you an easy way to deal with any boat wakes so please ask if you have questions. Our boards and kayaks are very wide and stable so it’s not usually an issue. We only rent sit-on-top kayaks here for safety reasons.
  • Am I required to wear a life jacket and leash?  The National Park Service regulations require all operators 13 years of age or older to have a Type III adult USCG-approved life jacket (also known as Personal Flotation Device or PFD) either attached to the vessel or worn at all times. All children under 13 years old are required to wear a USCG-approved life jacket at all times while on the water! Life jackets are included with the rentals and tours. Paddleboard leashes are required to be worn at all times and are included.
  • Is there anything in the lake I need to worry about?  No. There are no biting fish, leeches, sharks, alligators, or other nasty things, just mussels, bass, trout, and some other river fish. Just watch for mussels on the rocks underwater- they are sharp. You will want to have shoes on when walking on the shore due to loose rocks, tumbleweed thorns, and very hot sand. There is no current on the lake. The things to watch out for are Jet Skis and boats! Please read our safety tips here.
  • What is the weather like? We are in the high desert at about 4500 ft of elevation, so our normal temperatures can range from the low 100’s in summer to the low 20’s in winter. We are usually about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix or Las Vegas due to our altitude. Our summers are very hot and dry. We can have snow in winter. Wind can be an issue here so always check the weather before you go! Click here for more weather information.
  • Do you have any safety recommendations? There are no lifeguards here so be smart and plan accordingly. Remember, paddling out is voluntary-paddling back is mandatory so know your limits! Please click here for more safety tips.
  • How much is the National Park entry fee to get to the lake?  To get into the Glen Canyon National Park you must purchase a pass at the park entry gate. The fee is $30.00 per vehicle and is good for 7 days unless you have a National Park Annual “America the Beautiful” Pass. This fee is not included with rentals or tours. So be prepared to pay at the lake entrance.
  • What is the cancellation policy?  We reserve the right to cancel any tour, lesson, or rental prior to departure for any reason whatsoever. In the case that we cancel a tour, lesson, or rental, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel or are unable to participate for any reason, our refund policy is as follows: If we receive your notice of cancellation more than 24 hours prior to departure, you will receive a 100% refund. If we receive your notice less than 24 hours prior to departure, no refunds will be made. Pandemic exception: If the National Park gets shut down all reservations will be converted into a 2-year voucher that can be used at a later date. No refunds will be given if this unlikely event occurs. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel they are a risk to themselves, to others or to our property.
  • Is your shop really built out of recycled shipping containers?  Yes, it is! We built it ourselves back in 2015-16. You can see how we built it here-


  • Do you do tours around Horseshoe Bend? No, but click here to read more about how you can do it!
  • HorseshoeBend

    Can I paddle Horseshoe Bend on my own? Yes, you can! We do not deliver to Lee’s Ferry but we do have complimentary car racks so you can easily transport the gear. You can rent paddleboards, packrafts or kayaks from us to do the trip on your own, but you will need to make prior arrangements to get back-hauled up the river by a separate company. IMPORTANT! Due to the distance, remoteness, and frigid water, this should only be done by experienced paddleboarders, DO NOT do this if you are a beginner paddleboarder for safety reasons. Click HERE for more information about paddling the river.
  • What should I bring with me?   A hat, lots of water and snacks, swimsuit, and sunscreen. We sell water, sunscreen, waterproof bags for phones and gear, sunglasses, and hats here if you forget them. Sunglasses, (especially those with prescriptions) should be worn only with a tether, if you fall in you could lose them without one. If you want to bring anything that can not get wet- (examples: Ipads, cell phones, wallets, non-waterproof cameras, etc.) you will want to get a dry bag for them as things will get wet. We sell them here at the shop. In the cold months (November through March), bring a wetsuit or you can rent them here if needed, and wetsuit booties to keep your feet warm (we don’t rent booties but do sell them). In the summer months, a hat and plenty of good sunscreen should be worn. Most importantly- bring your friends and a great attitude!